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Tiny Tract Carries A Big Message

A new tool for bringing business into Lincoln County has been developed and will soon hit the streets. The Pocket Promoter is a fold-out business information guide developed by the Lincoln Economic Development Association. The 10-panel, double sided guide folds out to a 25 inch spread of Lincoln County facts and photographs. It is designed to be distributed to business people from outside the region by people who know Lincoln County best, said Barry Matherly, LEDA’s executive director. “The Pocket Promoter is to be given by business people who live and work in Lincoln County directly to other business people they know that express an interest in the area,” he said. Part of Matherly’s vision of “community network marketing,” the promoter is the first of its kind in the country. Both the marketing strategy and the Pocket Promoter are Matherly’s brainchildren. Matherly compares “community network marketing” to how Avon and Tupperware market their products – by tapping into the networks of all its members. “Why not have the community market itself?” he asked. People can carry the promoter in their briefcases, purses, suitcases, golf bags or, of course, their pockets. It is small enough, by design, to go anywhere. One side of the promoter highlights the business perks of relocating to Lincoln County – information about the area business environment. The other side touches on the area’s quality of life –  general details of the local arts and recreation scene. The Pocket Promoter is an abridged version of the information contained on LEDA’s web site. It is not meant to be all-inclusive, simply to entice prospective businesses to the LEDA web site for more information. Business people and active travelers will be the primary conduit for distributing the promoters, Matherly said. LEDA’s hope is that none of the 10,000 brochures it printed will remain in the area – that they will attract businesses from outside the state. “We don’t want any of these in the area, even in the state,” Matherly said. Putting the promoters in the hands of Lincoln residents to distribute will increase the effectiveness of the program, Matherly said. “From one person’s hand to another person’s hand, that makes this work,” he said. Distribution of the Pocket Promoter will begin this summer.