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Industrial Managers Association

Building Bridges to Success

Nobody understands the future of an industry better than the people who have built their careers on it. The Industrial Managers Association (IMA) of Lincoln County is a nonprofit organization of top leaders and managers from the largest companies in our industrial sector. As the heart and soul of economic development efforts in the county, IMA works to build strong alliances among industry leaders, educators and elected officials by providing information and tools to support every aspect of manufacturing.

IMA invests heavily in the future of Lincoln County industry by collaborating with educators to develop industry-specific curriculums. IMA’s participation in Lincoln County Schools encourages middle and high school students to build their professional and technical skills, and introduces them to the advantages of pursuing a career with one of the many regional, national and international companies in Lincoln County.

Hands-on learning and dedicated mentorship are hallmarks of the program. With a strong focus on science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) education, IMA members participate in a wide range of activities. They contribute to science camps, judge robotics competitions, lead summer teacher shadowing programs, and sponsor county-wide tours of local businesses to help educators deepen their understanding of the skills needed in today’s industries.

Created with a focus on the most important industrial issues, IMA works to build bridges between Lincoln County educators, Gaston College and local industries to support workforce development. Membership and all its benefits – including guest speakers, plant tours and supervisory training — are open to any company that conducts industrial operations in Lincoln County and shares the organization’s commitment to proactively supporting local businesses.


For more information about how to connect with the IMA, contact:

John Dancoff
Existing Business Manager
Phone:  704-732-1511 x2
Email: john@lincolneda.org