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Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing Works in Lincoln County

Lincoln County, North Carolina, has a long, rich history of manufacturing that continues to evolve and thrive.

It began in the early 19th century, when settlers arrived in the newly established Lincoln County. Iron quickly became a key industry. With 10 forges and four furnaces (several of which are still standing), Lincoln County led the state in iron production. At the same time, the first textile mill in the South was established within the county’s borders. Textile production continued in earnest throughout the 20th century, and several mill factories added to the growing infrastructure.

With manufacturing so deeply ingrained in our DNA, Lincoln County has always been well-prepared to adapt and reinvent to meet the needs of new industries and technologies, in the fastest, most-cost-effective ways.

Advantages of doing manufacturing in Lincoln County:

  • Thanks to the county’s continuous growth, we’re home to an ever-expanding labor shed that offers a workforce of more than 1.6 million workers within an hour’s drive.
  • Manufacturers of any size can find plenty of space at our industrial parks, equipped with the infrastructure they need and abundant utilities at rates that boost their bottom line.
  • Our interstate-grade divided highways connect to interstates in all directions, putting more than 158 million consumers within a single day’s drive.
  • Lincoln County boasts proximity to two airports, Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) and the regional Lincoln County Airport, as well as convenient rail service at the road-to-rail transload facility at CLT.
  • Innovative partnerships continue to build a seamless workforce pipeline. The award-winning Manufacturing a Future that Works program through Lincoln County Schools offers training and education to middle and high school students. They are ready to enter the workforce upon graduation, or may continue their education at one of the region’s many colleges and universities.
  • The Center for Advanced Manufacturing at Gaston College is a workforce development powerhouse, providing training for the increasingly sophisticated needs of today’s advanced manufacturing industries, including robotics and mechatronics, computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD and CAM), plastics and chemicals processes, industrial systems technology, industrial product design, alternative energy, and many more.
  • Lincoln County’s Industrial Managers Association (IMA) provides an essential partnership with educators and elected officials to advocate for manufacturers and to raise awareness among stakeholders of the skills manufacturers need today and in the future.

To learn more about the advantages of locating your business in Lincoln County, please contact:

Kara Brown
Business Development Manager
Phone:  704.732.1511 ext. 3
Email: kara@lincolneda.org