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Timken Foundation grants ,000 to East Lincoln Branch Library.

The East Lincoln Branch Library Furnishing Fund has exceeded its goal of $250,000. A recent grant of $50,000 from the Timken Foundation of Canton, Ohio, put the goal over the top. Timken operates a bearing plant in Iron Station. Plant manager Seth Haney recently notified the committee of Timken’s commitment to the library project and mentioned that the strong community support for the financing of this project was influential in the Foundation’s decision. The grant will be funded in September of 2003. The library fund drive was started in September 2001 and has continued for 15 months. This, the largest, contribution will ensure that all the planned furnishings can be installed, and in addition, more books and equipment can be ordered. To date, just over $198,000 has been received, and when all outstanding pledges have been fulfilled, the goal will be exceeded.