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The Walking Company Announces Expansion

Lincolnton, NC, November 6, 2017- “Lincoln County existing industry, The Walking Company, is planning to invest over seven and a half million dollars in the expansion of their existing facility in the Lincoln County Industrial park,” said John Dancoff with Lincoln Economic Development Association. Dancoff presented a request to the county commissioners on Monday, November 6th to grant The Walking Company tax incentives based upon the county’s Industrial Incentive Grant Program. Upon the commissioner’s approval of the request, the County will provide $30,931.88 per year in grants for a five-year period after the completion of the project. The grant total is calculated to be $154,659.40

The Walking Company, based out of Santa Barbara, California, is best know as the leading destination for high-quality and comfortable footwear. They currently have 200 employees at their Lincolnton facility and will add over forty five additional jobs to their head count.

“As a leading national retailer and manufacturer of comfort footwear, we are excited to continue our growth in Lincoln County with the expansion of our distribution center,” offered Mike Grenley, Chief Operating Officer at The Walking Company Holdings, Inc. “Our increased production successively stimulates economic growth in the local community with additional jobs.”

Dr. Jim Watson, board chair of Lincoln Economic Development Association offered his congratulations, “It is great news that The Walking Company is expanding in Lincoln County. They have been a good corporate citizen and we look forward to their presence continuing to grow.”

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