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Textile Manufacturer Mohican Mills is Industry of the Year

Lincoln County – Each year the Lincoln Economic Development Association (LEDA) presents the Industry of the Year Award at the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet. With the purpose of promoting and highlighting the contributions and exemplary corporate citizenship of Lincoln County’s existing industries, the Lincoln Economic Development Association proudly recognized Mohican Mills, a textile manufacturer, as this year’s award winner at the annual banquet held, November 15th, 2012.

Based upon four categories this award recognizes the industry that has the strongest qualifications and is most deserving based on the current year. First, the industry must have made a positive impact in Lincoln County. Second, the industry must be involved with the Lincoln County community through direct financial, time and/or other significant contributions. Next, the industry must be a leader in their field and have produced a positive performance during their last fiscal year. And finally, the industry must maintain the highest standards of conduct in working with the community, government, other business and their own employees.

Celebrating 60 years of operations in Lincolnton and Lincoln County, Mohican Mills has seen the best and the worst of times. As many in the textile industry have closed shop or moved overseas, Mohican Mills continues to operate full shifts with over 300 people currently employed. Supplying such customers as Hanes Brands, Alleson of Rochester and Nike, sales and production are on an annual increasing trend.

Mohican Mills was chosen out of the field of nominees for their years of dedicated service, as well as, their economic contribution to the local economy. Accepting the Award for Mohican was Jerry Deese, Corporate Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer made sure he gave proper credit to the employees, “This is for them. They have worked hard-really hard.”

Jeff Emory, Lincolnton’s City Manager commented, “For over 60 years, thousands of Lincolnton and Lincoln County citizens have supported their families by working at Mohican Mills. Mohican has been a tremendous partner with city government and is continually Lincolnton’s largest utility customer. Each year at budget time the city takes a look at water and sewer rates. Rates are determined in great part by projected sales of water and sewer for the forthcoming year. Because Mohican is Lincolnton’s largest customer, everyone benefits.”

Mayor John Gilleland offers his congratulations, “Mohican has been a big part of the business community for as long as I can remember. Jerry Deese has done an excellent job leading Mohican through tough times and it is great to see their employee parking lot full of cars. Mohican is proof that the best products in the world are made in America and quality sells!”

The Lincoln Economic Development Association recognizes and celebrates with Lincolnton the contributions made by this respectable corporate citizen. Mohican Mills has served Lincolnton well for sixty years and is certainly well deserving of this year’s Industry of the Year Award.