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Small Business Announcement ~ The City Cellar 9-20-2022

The City Cellar is fully operational, and everyone is celebrating with Kerri for her many trials and tribulations from a pandemic to inspections, delayed shipments, contractors, and hiring staff; she has faced it all while doing a lot of the interior and exterior styling of the restaurant personally.  It has been a true labor of love.  Lincolnton is so proud of her accomplishments and a true showstopper of an establishment.  The Wine Bar is superb with a wide selection of tasty wines that you won’t find locally, making City Cellar a unique offering for the wine connoisseur.  The restaurant is open serving dinner and recently added lunch.  The City Cellar has created something worth the wait.

Kerri Sigmon, Owner

The City Cellar ~ 411 E Main St, Lincolnton