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Small Business Announcement ~ Lincolnton Suites on Main

LEDA Celebrated with Ribbon Cutting/Grand Opening

Lincolnton Suites on Main – 227 East Main Street – Downtown

Owners Corinna & Tim Larson opened on 11-29-22.  They were seeking to purchase a building.  Corinna is an esthetician by trade and desired to have a location for herself and other spa related businesses under one roof.  Gradually the building has filled the individual suites with a variety of businesses that also share some of the common spaces, that include a nice waiting area, conference room area, kitchen with a washer/dryer for their use.  LEDA really excited about this one as it took one location downtown and provided opportunities for other small businesses/entrepreneurs to locate inexpensively.

2022-11-29 Lincolnton Suites on Main