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Second Brazilian Company to Locate in Lincoln County

Lincoln County, NC – For two years Borghetti Turbos has considered Lincoln County, NC for their US operations. After a presentation by the Lincoln Economic Development Association (LEDA) during a trip to Brazil in 2010 with the Charlotte Regional Partnership and Know Borders Consulting, Borghetti Turbos worked closely with Know Borders Consulting to acquire more information about Lincoln County and other states. It took a collaborative effort by Panico Peres with Know Borders Consulting, David Spratley with the NC Department of Commerce, Lincoln County and LEDA in order to convince Boghetti Turbos that Lincoln County, NC was the right fit for their North American Headquarters. The engine manufacturer will invest approximately $7 million dollars and create up to 127 jobs over the next three years

Borghetti Turbos is a family owned Brazilian based company that has been in business for over 45 years. The manufacturer of turbo diesel engines is considered “green” for the environment and is sold worldwide in over 50 countries. In 1966, Mr. Nelson Borghetti launched the company focusing on the turbo applications for a better engine performance. As the company expanded; the “Master Power” brand was created in 1970. Today, its products offer high-end technology in turbos to different markets including automotive, industrial, and naval, in addition to continuous improvements in special projects.

The company has been growing exponentially in Brazil, especially through exports. Due to the recent growth, an expansion was needed. The company realized that shipping from NC to their major markets (South Africa and Eastern Europe) could be just as competitive as exporting directly from Brazil while creating an opportunity to develop the American market in the future.

The company will be manufacturing turbos for automotive application through tight tolerance machining including CNC machining and special alloy steel.

“The quality of life, accessibility to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport and professional sports, coupled with the professionalism in the way the project was handled by LEDA, the NC Department of Commerce and Lincoln County as well as the fact that the labor pool was strong were the deciding factors in locating in Lincoln County,” says Panico Peres, Know Borders Consulting.

Chairman Tom Anderson, Lincoln Economic Development Association says, “We are pleased that, after the very competitive and thorough selection process by Borghetti Turbos North America Inc. that they have decided to locate their North American Headquarters in Lincoln County. We appreciate this expression of confidence in Lincoln County and are sure that Borghetti Turbos will find Lincoln County welcoming and an excellent place to do business. We appreciate the cooperation with Know Borders Consulting to achieve this exiting addition to Lincoln County’s manufacturing community.”

“In light of the competitive nature we face with all projects, we do not take likely that Borghetti Turbos chose Lincoln County for their US headquarters. We are committed to ensuring that their choice was a good one and we look forward to following their success here” states Alex Patton, chairman, Lincoln County Board of Commissioners.