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Sabo to grow in Lincoln County

Thanks to a big contract from General Motors Corp., Sabo USA Inc. expects to triple the size of its new Lincoln County plant and increase its work force to almost 100 employees.

When complete in 2010, the expanded plant will represent at least a $20 million investment and measure 90,000 square-feet, says R. Panico Peres, Sabo’s NC director of operations.

The plans for an addition come only six months after the company dedicated the new, 30,000 square-foot plant in the Lincoln County Industrial Park.

“We look forward to this expansion of Sabo’s recently constructed facility and a continuing successful relationship with Sabo, says Tom Anderson, chair of the Lincoln County Commissioners.

The plant employs about 20 and plans to add 80 employees in the next two years, Peres says.

Sabo recently secured a GM contract for 4 million transmission seals, prompting the company to decide to make all its seals for US customers in the Lincoln County plant instead of allotting 50% to plants in its native Brazil. That means 10 million seals will be produced in the local facility by 2011, Peres says.

The company announced in January 2006 that it had picked Lincoln County for the plant over sites in Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mexico.