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Sabo is Industry of the Year


Lincoln County – Each year the Lincoln Economic Development Association (LEDA) presents the Industry of the Year Award at the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet.  With the purpose of promoting and highlighting the contributions and exemplary corporate citizenship of Lincoln County’s existing industries, the Lincoln Economic Development Association proudly recognized Sabo USA, a manufacturer of piston seals which are used in automatic transmissions and a supplier to the automotive industry, as this year’s award winner at the annual banquet held, November 21st, 2013. 


Brazilian owned, Sabo USA has made a positive impact locally and worldwide by its commitment to quality products, performance, service and innovation. Since first locating to Lincoln County in 2007, Sabo has experienced growth while performing on a global level. This industry not only ships their product to other parts of the United States, but they also supply to China, Korea, Poland and Canada; shipping 10,000 parts per day to China alone.


A vision and strategy that has proved successful has helped Sabo to achieve their corporate success. A vision which included, locating their manufacturing facility in a cost efficient area of the country and place an importance of local resourcing and strong supply chain management. Sabo has been so successful in its ability to source locally that 80 percent of its materials are domestic and many of them coming from within the state of North Carolina.


In addition to the success of Sabo’s business, this year’s Industry of the Year winner strives to be committed to the community and has developed a partnership with Salem Industries; a private non-profit organization who serves adults who are mentally challenged in Lincoln County. Terry Jarvis with Salem Industries has described their relationship, “Sabo has taken us under their wing. After a tour last year of our facility, Sabo took it upon themselves to give work for the clients to do that was appropriate for our client’s abilities.They have also adopted us to share the Christmas spirit by serving Christmas Dinner to our clients. They are such a special company who cares about the community and all the people in it. We appreciate everything they do for our special people at Salem. “ Additional community support includes Sabo’s participation in the Industrial Manager’s Association and Lincoln Economic Development Association.


Bo King, Chair of Lincoln Economic Development Associations Board of Directors presented the award to Sabo. “It was special to be able to recognize Sabo with the 2013 Industry of the Year Award. Since locating here in 2007 Sabo has continued to positively impact our community and establish themselves as an exemplary corporate citizen. It should also give each Lincoln County citizen a tremendous amount of pride to know that a local manufacturer in the LCIP is selling to Korea and China!”


Located in the Lincoln County Industrial Park, Sabo has forecasted sales in the US for 2014 over $28 million and is expecting a 20% growth compared with 2013.