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Robb & Stucky Announces Million Expansion at Lincoln County Industrial Park Distribution Center

Robb & Stucky announced today it will expand its distribution center in the Lincoln County Industrial Park. The company will invest $4 million in the facility expansion. Currently Robb & Stucky occupies a 180,000 square foot facility. The expansion of the distribution center will add an additional 140,000 square feet and create 20 new jobs in Lincoln County.

Robb & Stucky is headquartered out of Fort Myers, Florida and is a high-end furniture retailer. The company has eight locations throughout Florida, one in Texas and another in Arizona. Robb & Stucky first opened a distribution center in Lincoln County in 2001 and currently has a workforce of 25.

This is the second announced existing industry expansion in the Lincoln County Industrial Park in the last two years; and it is not the last. RSI Home Products has not officially announced an expansion, but the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners granted the company an incentive package for a possible expansion. A decision by RSI is expected soon. “The retention and expansion of existing industry is Lincoln Economic Development Association’s (LEDA) top priority. We are happy and encouraged to be part of Robb & Stucky’s continued growth and success in Lincoln County,” said Laura Foor, existing business coordinator for LEDA.