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Racing Guide Crosses the Finish Line

Tapping into a growing east Lincoln industry, the Lincoln Economic development Association has produced a Motor Sports Directory. The eight-page directory compiles information on businesses with ties to the racing industry. Twenty-seven businesses are listed in the directory. “There’s a lot of racing related businesses and companies that support the racing industry here,” said Laura Foor, LEDA’s existing business coordinator. “We’re trying (with this directory) to get a good grasp of what the racing industry is like in Lincoln County.” In its present state, the directory is simply an information source – an archive for all things racing in Lincoln County. Contact information for the companies and descriptions of the products and services they offer are some of the information the directory compiles. Initially, the directory will be distributed only to the businesses contained within it. Tracy Trotter, owner of Denver-based Calico Coatings, which puts a Teflon-like coating on racing parts, said the directory will be a good source of information, especially for area newcomers. “This could be good for someone new that’s moving into the area,” Trotter said. “Exposure is good, especially if you’re not paying for it.” And none of the businesses contained in the directory are. There is no cost to the companies listed in the directory. LEDA has no concrete plans for the future of the Motor Sports Directory. However, LEDA Executive Director Barry Matherly said this is the first phase of what could become a powerful recruiting tool. Phase two in the process is learning as much about the industry as possible; phase three is recruiting. “I think this is a good first step,” Matherly said. “Hopefully, it will help us move onto the second and third step and enable us to start marketing and recruiting (racing) businesses.”