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R-Anell Homes Raises More than ,000 for Relay for Life

R-Anell Homes of Denver raised more than $16,000 for the Lincolnton Relay for Life to benefit the American Cancer Society (ACS). The company raised about $3,000 in 2003. This year’s fundraising efforts had already exceeded that total by the end of March. The goal for 2004 was between $8,000 and $9,000. The final total of $16,070 marks the largest total ever raised by R-Anell for ACS. “The fundraising exceeded all of our expectations, and our associates did a great job in raising such a significant amount of money for Relay for Life,” said Dennis Jones, president of R-Anell. “This is a cause that touches all of our lives in many ways every day.” The company had a special Relay for Life team. The team members include: David Beaver and Jane Cornwell, co-chairs and active members of the Logistics Committee for Lincoln County ACS; Beth Hoyle, Pat Bundy, Gary Lynn, Cheryl Cash and Shauna Cash. R-Anell’s Relay for Live team members also ran events at Relay for Life May 7  – 8 that included an obstacle course and a 15 foot slide to raise more money for the team and on behalf of ACS. R-Anell Homes is the oldest, most established manufacturer of custom homes in the Southeast since 1972.