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Press Release- Stanley, NC – October 2022 Blum Announces Planned Investments to its Lincoln County Facility

Lincolnton, NC, October 17th

John Dancoff, Existing Business Manager for Lincoln Economic Development Association, presented a request for a Lincoln County Industrial Incentive Grant to the county commissioners on Monday, October 17th on behalf of Blum. Blum is located at 7733 Old Plank Road. They are a manufacturer of cabinet hardware. Blum will be investing $15,023,584 in equipment and infrastructure. In return, the county will provide a grant of $66,223 a year for seven years after the completion of the project. Blum issued the following press release.

PRESS RELEASE Stanley, NC – October 2022
Blum Announces Planned Investments to its Lincoln County Facility. Blum to invest over $15 million, in machinery, facility expansion and upgrades. Cabinet hardware manufacturer Blum, Inc. Is pleased to announce a new set of investments for their US headquarters. Over the next 2 years, Blum will be investing over $15 million dollars in infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology, while also adding 10 jobs. These investments support Blum’s vision for a safe work environment and dedication to the United States market. Upgrading the sprinkler system throughout the facility is a top priority. Additionally, planning has started for the next building expansion. This will be Blum’s 12th expansion. The addition of the COMPACT CLIP hinge machines, which assemble Blum’s newest innovation suited for the United States market, will create ten new jobs, taking our staff count to more than 445 employees. Other machine upgrades include automated equipment for unloading and palletizing. These new machines are not only an ergonomic improvement but will also increase efficiency. Finally, over $2 million dollars in chiller upgrades are also planned. “These investments in our facility and for our employees demonstrate our commitment to manufacturing in the US, as well as continuing to employ and support our local community,” said Shannon Lafferty, General Manager of Blum, Inc.   www.blum.com  Inquiries can be made to Karen Smith Blum, Inc. Tel. (704) 827-1345 Email: karen.smith@blum.com

Kim Phillips, board chair for Lincoln Economic Development Association offered her
congratulations. “Since Blum first came to Lincoln County in 1979, they have been a tremendous
corporate citizen. It’s exciting to see their continued growth and success and the opportunities
they bring to our area”.
Milton Sigmon, vice chair, of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners offered his
congratulations. “Thank you, Blum, for your continued confidence in investing in equipment and
adding jobs in Lincoln County”.