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Press Release – Lincoln County Manufacturers Offers Summer Internships to Local College Students

Lincoln County Manufacturers Offers Summer Internships to Local College Students

The Industrial Manager’s Association (IMA) of Lincoln County is encouraging college students from Lincoln County to spend the summer of 2023 working as an intern with a local participating manufacturer. Internships will focus on projects, problems, and processes to develop related work experiences, build resumes and develop a local talent pool for employment upon graduation.

To qualify for the program, any current student, who has Lincoln County residency and finished at least the sophomore year of college or the first year of community college, is eligible to submit a cover letter and resume for consideration. Lincoln Economic Development Association will act as a clearinghouse for the summer program candidates.  Applicant’s resumes will be distributed to participating businesses for consideration. If selected for the interview process, contact will be made directly by the interested company and the candidate will be sent through the hiring process. Summer employment dates will be determined by the individual company and student. Internships are not guaranteed to all who submit a resume. Related fields of study are encouraged.

Past internships have been offered to students studying electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, finance, accounting, business, economics, international business, and human resources.

Please submit resumes with a cover letter to john@lincolneda.org. The deadline to apply for summer work opportunities is April 30th, 2023. For additional information, call John Dancoff at Lincoln Economic Development Association. 704-732-1511, ext. 2.


  • The Industrial Managers Association of Lincoln County is a non-political organization with the purpose of furthering the social, economic, and cultural growth of Lincoln County. Members of the IMA are comprised of the top management in Lincoln County industries. The IMA provides these managers with the opportunity to foster working relationships between and among industry and at the same time work together to better Lincoln County. The IMA also assists in providing students with knowledge of manufacturing operations in Lincoln County.