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Pete Acker Named Lincoln’s Man of the Year

Lincoln Economic Development Association board member, Pete Acker, has been named Lincoln County Man of the Year. Lincoln Medical Center CEO Pete Acker is recognized for community volunteer activities, especially for his work that led to the building of Lincoln County’s YMCA. But Acker is best known for helping transform the Lincoln Medical Center from a nearly-broke institution to an expanded, profit-making hospital with a wide variety of professional alliances. Acker was president of the Lincolnton Rotary Club and serves on various boards in the business community. He was active in the creation of the Helping Hands Clinic, which provides volunteer medical assistance to the poor. In making the announcement, Rotary Club President Steve Gurley cited Acker’s various achievements and quoted accolades offered by local leaders on his impact in the community. Jerry Cochrane, former chairman of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners, said citizens of Lincoln are fortunate Acker picked Lincolnton for his home. “As a result he has made this city and county a better place to live. I can think of no other person better deserving of this recognition than him.”