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It’s Official: October is Proclaimed as Industry Appreciation Month


Lincolnton, NC-In celebration of Industry Appreciation Month, Lincoln Economic Development hosted the official proclamation signing on Thursday, October 1st with Lincolnton Mayor, John Gilleland, and Lincoln County Commission Chair, Carrol Mitchem, both present for the public acknowledgement and kick off to a month of special awareness.

In its twelfth year, the month long campaign is intended to call attention to the importance industry plays in the economy of Lincoln County, state and the nation. With almost 20% of the county’s population earning their living while working in one of our local companies, the presence of industry and manufacturing is imperative to the vitality of Lincolnton and Lincoln County.

Since last year’s celebration of industry, LEDA has announced expansions by four existing industries with combined investment over $45 million dollars. Kaco USA, Cataler, Timken and Blum have all committed to continued support to their local operations with these announcements; which translates to the creation of new jobs for the local citizens.

In remarks by LEDA Executive Director, Cliff Brumfield, those in attendance were reminded “the revenues these and all other businesses generate, the tax-payers they employ, and the indirect jobs they create fuel the livelihood of the community through a strong tax base. The good citizens of Lincolnton and Lincoln County are fortunate to have the ability to take advantage of their contributions to the betterment of this place we call home.”