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October is Industry Appreciation Month

Lincoln Economic Development Association began Industry Appreciation Month with the official signing by County Commission Chair, Alex Patton and City of Lincolnton Mayor, John Gilleland, on Tuesday October 1st at the office of Lincoln Economic Development Association. Participating in the event were other city and county employees, industry representatives and community business people.


The Proclamation event is to kick-off the month of October as being set aside by Lincoln Economic Development Association, to show appreciation for the strong industry and manufacturing sector at work in Lincoln County.


In its tenth year, the celebration is specifically designed to show gratitude to the companies and workers that fire the engine of our local economy. The financial benefits of manufacturing for Lincoln County are significant and worth recognition. Manufacturing jobs make up almost 20% of the county’s employment, compared to just 8.8% for the state. Despite the recession, there have been positive local trends in the last couple of years. Since 2010, LEDA has helped garner over 450 new jobs in Lincoln County along with $68 million in new investment and $39 million in expansion investment.


The revenues that these businesses generate, the tax-payers that they employ, and the indirect jobs they create fuel the livelihood of the community through a strong tax base. The jobs that come with expanded manufacturing sector are high-quality, high-paying jobs. In 2011, the average U.S. manufacturing worker earned $77,060 annually, including pay and benefits. This compares to an average worker in all industries earning just $56,436 according to the National Association of Manufacturers.


The growth experienced is due to the advantages that Lincoln County offers including an educated workforce, favorable location, and a great quality of life. In Lincoln County there is a trend of interest stemming from the global economy. There is much interest from companies headquartered overseas as well as American companies who are beginning to “on-shore” facilities that once had been outsourced overseas. In addition to US manufacturing companies, companies from Canada, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Japan, Germany, Israel, Singapore, Switzerland, Ireland, New Zealand and China also call Lincoln County home.


Other special events planned this month include: Industrial Manager’s Association sponsored Forklift Rodeo, a public tour of Hydac in Denver on October 15th and an International Appreciation Event to be held later in the month.