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More room made at industrial park

Earth is being moved to draw more businesses to Lincoln County Industrial Park. Bulldozers began grading 9.6 acres at the industrial complex last week, which by next year is expected to be the site of a 60,000-100,00 square foot building shell.

One of the many ongoing projects at the park, the project is part of a continuing effort to expand and diversify industry at the park, one of the county’s largest economic engines.

With the incredible growth we’ve seen in Lincoln County Industrial Park over the last two years, we’re moving direct as quickly as possible to get buildings ready for more industry prospects.

LEDA , a non-profit, develops the park and promotes economic growth at the complex and in the county.

With the vast majority of industries considering locating to Charlotte region in need of buildings already built, it is important to continue to develop the shells on the property which can easily be converted to suit specific needs.

It’s all about having shell buildings ready for prospects because buildings don’t have time to wait. We’re building it so they will come to Lincoln County.