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Mitch Miller set to leave LEDA for job in Tennessee

The Lincoln Economic Development Association (LEDA) will be one person short after this week.

Mitch Miller, business development coordinator, is leaving the Lincolnton-based organization. His last day of work is Friday.

“I am proud more than anything to be from Lincoln County, but if I had to be proud of just one thing, it would be working in the county I grew up in and making a difference in a time like this,” Miller said.

Miller will be heading to Tennessee, where his wife is finishing up her college degree. He will be the director of marketing and business recruitment for Tri-Cities Regional Alliance.

“I’ll be doing the marketing as far as attracting potential businesses to the Tri-City region, but also doing recruitment, representing 10 counties.”

A newlywed, Miller has been working 10-hour days Monday through Thursday so he can drive almost three hours to see his wife every Friday. He leaves Tennessee at 4 a.m. Monday to head back to Lincolnton.

The constant driving back and forth puts a strain on Miller, so naturally, he wanted to find a job closer to his bride of almost one year.

LEDA Executive Director Barry Matherly understands Miller’s reason for leaving, but says he will be missed.

A graduate of Appalachian State University, Miller started at LEDA as an intern in 2006 and was hired as a research associate. He moved up to business development coordinator 11 months ago.

“Even in the two weeks he interned with us, we already saw the huge potential Mitch had in economic development,” Matherly said. “Mitch did an excellent job.”

Originally, Mitch thought he would go into planning after graduating college. But the internship through the City of Lincolnton, which included time at LEDA, changed his mind.

“I am so glad I am in this job and this field,” Miller said. “You’ve got to enjoy what you are doing. I enjoy the aspect of being able to interact with people in the community. It is a gratifying job. You truly do shape the community.”

LEDA’s Assistant Executive Director and Existing Business Manager Crystal Gettys will move into Miller’s position. Eventually, LEDA will hire a new existing business manager.

“There will be a transition period where other people in the office will be assisting as she transitions between both jobs,” Matherly said. “Not until we hire someone new will she be fully able to let go of her existing business duties. We don’t want to let anything happen to that program.”