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Manufacturers Offer Summer Jobs to College Students

Last year, college students from Lincoln County had an opportunity to submit resumes for summer work opportunities with local manufacturers and members of the Lincoln County Industrial Manager’s Association. This first effort was received with overwhelming success. Students majoring in engineering, accounting, logistics, supply chain management and human resources received valuable experience by putting their education to real world use with some of the county’s biggest and best manufacturing employers.

This year, the Industrial Manager’s Association is planning to sponsor the program again with the intent to encourage students to return to Lincoln County upon graduation and invest themselves in their home community. “As a college student that may have left this area, it may not seem possible there is a job waiting for you here in a specialized field like chemistry, engineering or information technologies. That is simply not true and this program is intended to open the door to all the possibilities that are represented in manufacturing; which includes job opportunities and the high potential for earning. In addition to these positions, there is always a need for skilled electricians, mechanical technicians and welders” offers Kara Brown, existing business manager with Lincoln Economic Development Association.

David Lee, Location Director for Robert Bosch Tool Corporation and the chair of the Industrial Manager’s Association adds, “The IMA is committed to the development of college students from Lincoln County as evidenced by our continued support of the summer internship program. Manufacturing companies get valuable service from eager participants while providing hands-on experience to the students, which is invaluable when searching for a full-time position. The intern initiative is another chance to showcase Lincoln County businesses and the opportunities we provide for all our citizens.”

Each opportunity is individually designed by participating manufacturers with the objective to have students working on projects, problems and processes to help build work experiences and build resumes. Any current student, who has Lincoln County residency, graduated with an associate’s degree or finished at least the sophomore year of college, is eligible to submit a cover letter and resume for consideration. Lincoln Economic Development Association will act as a clearing house for the summer program candidates. Applicant’s resumes will be distributed to participating businesses for consideration. If selected for the interview process, contact will be made directly by the interested company and the candidate will be sent through the hiring process. Summer employment dates will be determined by the individual company and student. Please submit resumes with cover letter to kara@lincolneda.org . Deadline to apply for summer work opportunities is January 31st, 2013. For additional information, call Kara Brown at Lincoln Economic Development Association. 704-732-1511, ext. 2.