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Manufacturers Invest in the Future of Industry

If you are at least a sophomore in college and from Lincoln County, the chance of finding a job for the summer may be better than you might think; at home and in your respective field of study. Several manufacturers in Lincoln County are pooling together to offer summer work opportunities to college students who have completed their sophomore year; and, most importantly, are from Lincoln County.

The idea presented itself when members of the Industrial Manager’s Association (IMA), a membership of managers from manufacturers and distributors within the county, discussed how students could be encouraged to bring their education back to the community that raised them upon graduating from college. It was determined the best way to have graduates return home was to present them with job opportunities that currently exist in Lincoln County. “The IMA supports this program and views it as an investment in the future of industry,” David Lee, Chair of the IMA offers.

“Unless you work with the manufacturers or within their companies, you wouldn’t realize the job potential that exists in our industrial parks and with manufacturers throughout the county. A student majoring in chemistry, engineering, information technologies, HR, accounting, marketing and many other fields, has as much of a chance finding a job in this community as in any larger city,” comments Kara Brown, Existing Business Manager with Lincoln Economic Development Association ( LEDA). “And, the potential to earn in these facilities is very enticing. As an industry, manufacturing jobs pay more than any other industry in the county including government and health services.”

The summer work programs are individually designed by each participating manufacturer. There is opportunity in chemistry, IT finance, mechanical or electrical engineering and possibly other fields depending on the resumes received and the needs of the manufacturers. The intention is to have the students working on projects, problems and processes to help build their work experience and their resume. There is an ulterior motive at the heart of the program as one program participant explains, “the internship program is a win for both the student and the company. The students earn some money and learn how they will fit into the corporate world while the company gets projects competed. Hopefully, we also get a future employee.”

The Lincoln Economic Development Association will act as a clearing house for the summer program candidates. Any interested student should send their resume to Kara Brown at LEDA for collection and distribution to the participating manufacturers. Each manufacturer will then review the candidates and determine which ones have the best match for their needs. A selected student for consideration will be contacted, interviewed and processed like any potential job candidate. The length of the work program will be determined individually by each company, as well as, the rate of pay. The deadline for submitting a resume for consideration is April 20th.

“This is the first year the IMA has initiated a program like this and the number of opportunities is limited. Because it is a program for students from Lincoln County only, I believe the spots will be filled quickly. I encourage anyone interested to not hesitate to submit a resume,” states Brown. “This is a great chance to earn money for the summer and is great exposure to any college student preparing for their future career. If the first attempt at this program proves to be successful, I expect it will grow and offer more opportunities in the coming years.”

For information or to submit a resume, contact Kara Brown at Lincoln Economic Development Association, kara@lincolneda.org . Deadline for resume collection is April 20, 2012. A cover letter is required.