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Local Artist Debuts in the LEDA Art Invitational

The Lincoln Economic Development Association Art Invitational 2011 is pleased to welcome and exhibit the works of local photographer and artist, LeAnne Fritts. A self-taught photographer, LeAnne loves to capture images from all aspects of life and the everyday. How she applies her photography is unexpected however, and that makes it art.

LeAnne explains her craft in her artist statement: “As a photographer, one sees their surroundings through the lens of the camera. Your goal is to capture and effectively express this vision to others through your photographs. What do I see all around me? Letters!”

In late 2008, Fritts began to focus on photographing letters of the alphabet observed in nature, buildings and everyday objects. Concentrating on her immediate environment and surroundings, the majority of her letters have been shot in towns close to home-Lincolnton, Denver, Mooresville and Davidson, NC. How are these letters used and transformed into art? “I capture architecture, nature and everyday objects that look like letters of the alphabet then turn these letters into words. And I see letters everywhere!” states Fritts. The end result is photographic word art.

Using the letters in black and white, as well as the more challenging medium of color, Fritts can take an ordinary word and bring it to new life through her images. Words like: family, friends, faith, live, play and discover; can all assume a new identity when carefully combined and revealed through the photographic images. LeAnne also uses her letter art to spell out names. As a very personal gift, they are a thoughtful way to remember a birth of a child, a wedding or any special occasion.

LeAnne’s goal with her photographic art is twofold; first, her intent is to encourage everyone to slightly alter their perspective and view their environment differently, as she does. Secondly, Fritts sees photography as fun and enjoyable; finding letters and creating words makes photography fun and unique.

The Fritts family makes their home in Denver, NC. LeAnne’s creations can be found in craft and art shows around North Carolina and on the internet at www.frittscreative.com. Or, you can look for her on Facebook.

The works of LeAnne Fritts will be displayed in the LEDA gallery through April. For further information regarding the LEDA Art Invitational 2011, call 704-732-1511 or visit the gallery at 502 E. Main Street in downtown Lincolnton from 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday.