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Lincolnton Textile Manufacturer Completes Expansion

While the textile industry nationally has experienced major decline, there is a bright spot in Lincolnton. McMurray Fabrics Inc., has recently completed an expansion. Headquartered in Aberdeen, North Carolina, McMurray is a dying and finishing operation which manufactures specialty fabrics. The company operates a manufacturing facility on North Flint Street in the City of Lincolnton.

McMurray added approximately 24,870 square feet to their Lincolnton facility, but the bulk of the expansion came in the form of new equipment and machinery. The expansion will provide the company with higher capacity and up its production capabilities. McMurray’s expansion will bring an investment of approximately $2.5 million to the city and county and will create at least 20 new jobs.

McMurray received support from the city and county last year to prompt the company to move forward with their expansion. The city offered McMurray incentive grants that will total approximately $36,700 over a five year period. The county also approved incentives that will total approximately $40,600 over the same five year period.

“It is always exciting to see an existing industry have such tremendous success, but it is especially exciting to see a textile company expanding given the current state of the textile market” stated Laura Foor, existing business coordinator for Lincoln Economic Development Association. The City of Lincolnton is also excited about McMurray’s success. “The City of Lincolnton is very appreciative of the commitment from McMurray and looks forward to a continued positive working relationship” stated City Manger, Jeff Emory.