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Lincoln Shell Building Attracts Tenant Before the Walls Go Up

During a down economy, taking an industrial development “risk” is uncommon. The Keith Corporation, however, took a leap of faith last fall and demonstrated their belief in Lincoln County by committing an industrial shell building to the Lincoln County Industrial Park. Alan Lewis, Industrial Development Partner with The Keith Corporation commented, “With the number of site visits increasing and the overall improvement in the business climate, we felt very comfortable pulling the trigger on our shell building last fall. However, we did not expect to enter into a lease before we poured the footings. We were fortunate to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right product. The market continues to validate the attributes of the Lincoln County Industrial Park.”

R. W. Garcia Company has announced plans to initially invest $4.6 million and occupy the new 60,650 square foot manufacturing facility in the Lincoln County Industrial Park. The company will initially employ 25 workers with an average wage rate of $10 per hour. Total investment for the project is expected to reach $8.6 million and create 75 new jobs in Lincoln County.

Lincoln County Commissioners helped solidify Garcia’s investment in Lincoln County by passing an incentive grant on March 1, 2004 totaling around $81,000. This grant will be paid out over five years in equal installments. “This announcement once again shows the commitment the Lincoln County Commissioners have for economic development, more jobs, and increased tax base,” said county commission chair, Jerry Cochrane.

The R. W. Garcia Company has been manufacturing all natural tortilla chips since 1984. Currently the company is headquartered out of San Jose, California and has a second operation in Tampa, Florida. “Lincoln County is a great location for our company in that it has a historically good workforce, great community support and it offers perfect access for our distribution needs, serving our east coast customers including Harris Teeter” stated R. W. Garcia president, Robert Garcia.

According to the company, “Garcia is committed to using only natural ingredients in all products. All R. W. Garcia tortilla products are made from stone ground corn and use seasonings which are 100% natural with no additives and preservatives.” Garcia’s tortillas include natural, organic blues, salsa blues, spicy barbecue and organic black bean garlic chips. The company also manufactures salad toppings and dips. R. W. Garcia products are sold worldwide in supermarkets, natural food stores and specialty food stores. Locally, Garcia’s products can be purchased at Harris Teeter.