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Lincoln Economic Development Hosts National Manufacturing Day

On Friday, October 04, 2019, Lincoln Economic Development Association (LEDA) held their National Manufacturing Day event at Lincolnton Country Club.  Community leaders came together to recognize the importance Industry plays within the community and to kick off LEDA’s Industry Appreciation Month.  With over 20% of the county’s workforce involved in some type of manufacturing, LEDA annually honors this substantial part of the local economy.

Attendees learned about results from a community Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis performed by Crystal Morphis with Creative EDC. Community-based forums contact with outside stakeholders, state agencies, site consultants and online surveys were all used to compile this data that in turn will be used as part of an overall rebranding strategy for the organization.  Colleen Walton, Brand Acceleration, also spoke on the new marketing initiatives which include not only a robust new website soon to be unveiled but how LEDA will use community differentiators to best market our area for growth and retention.

Finally, a review by Larissa Hoffman of the soon to be available Edge Factor Community Hub was given to showcase LEDA’s new tool for connecting residents with career possibilities in a narrative fashion online at no cost.  Local industries will be able to show residents the types of careers available through this online portal complete with videos, educational facts, and links to currently available positions.  Industries are currently populating the site prior to it being publicly rolled out in weeks to come. 

In addition to the activities mentioned above, numerous student tours of local industries have recently been completed, and several membership-based Industry Appreciation Events will be held throughout October.