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Lincoln County Industrial Park Designated One of the Best Parks in the State

The Lincoln County Industrial Park is one of only fourteen North Carolina Certified Industrial Sites. According to Bill Stephens, project coordinator for the state certified site program, “The Lincoln County Industrial Park is one of the nicest parks I have visited. It is a prime example of a quality industrial park.”

The Certified Site Program has four main objectives. Establish a statewide inventory of the best sites. To encourage local economic development organizations to control and comprehensively analyze sites prior to client visitation. To promote and market “client-ready” sites on www.investnc.com. And finally, to improve North Carolina’s competitive edge by offering “full-service,” “fully-tested” sites.

The North Carolina Certified Sites program highlights qualified industrial sites that have met all certification requirements. Sites are pre-qualified through a rigorous site package preparation process. Pre-qualifiers are then required to submit a certification application and meet the approval of the North Carolina Certified Sites Steering Committee.

Certified sites enhance a community’s chance of closing the deal on recruiting new industry. The certified site logo is an indication to any prospect that the site is superior in quality. As the attraction of new industry becomes more competitive, it is vital to stay ahead of the competition. Certified sites are the way to maintain that competitive edge. Doug Core, Chairman of the Lincoln Economic Development Association’s Board of Directors states, “It is apparent that if we hope to continue to attract industry to Lincoln County, having certified sites is a necessity and the Lincoln County Industrial Park is just the first step. We must continue to certify sites across our county to be in contention with the current marketplace.”