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Leonard Automatics Moves into New Facility

Lincoln County – Leonard Automatics is proud to announce that operations are now fully underway in their new facility as of July 14, 2008. The new building is located 1 mile from their previous location. Built on 6.5 acres in a new industrial park, Leonard Automatics is happy to be in the building that will sustain them through their continued growth.

“We are very pleased to be in our new location,” says Jeff Frushstick, Owner and President of Leonard Automatics, Inc. “The growth that is a hallmark of Leonard Automatics now has the room to take the company to even greater levels of success,” adds Frushstick. The new facility means expanded manufacturing and R&D space and additional office space for new employees. According to Frushstick, this new building will allow the company to continue existing product lines, explore new markets and improve manufacturing processes and infrastructure.

The company leaves a building they have occupied since 1985 where they began manufacturing their own line of finishing equipment for the garment manufacturing and industrial laundering industries. Now recognized as a world leader of product design and services in the industry, the company’s reputation of excellence and innovation within the industry sets them apart for long-term success.

Pete Acker, chair of the Lincoln Economic Development Association, “Leonard Automatics is a pathfinder in the Balsom Ridge Industrial Park as well as in Eastern Lincoln County with their commitment and sustainability within their industry. Their continued growth certainly compliments LEDA and their efforts in driving the economy.”

“We congratulate Leonard Automatics, Inc. on the success that has allowed them to move forward with this very significant investment in their new facility and are most appreciative that they chose to make that investment in Lincoln County. This further commitment to Lincoln County by one of our existing businesses clearly suggests that we continue to be “a place where things are still made” and the home to innovative firms such as Leonard Automatics, Inc.” says, Chairman Tom Anderson, Lincoln County Commissioners.