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LEDA’s Pocket Promoter Catches On

A marketing strategy that puts marketing in the hands of the community has caught on. The Pocket Promoter, a tool developed by the Lincoln Economic Development Association, is a 10-panel, double-sided guide to Lincoln County. It presents Lincoln as “the perfect place for working” and “the perfect place for living.” It’s designed to be handed out by LEDA board members, industry heads, city and county leaders and community members. Residents are encouraged to drop a promoter in their suitcase or briefcase when they go on business trips out of the county and out of the state. The guides are small enough to slip in a pocket, so they’re easy to take anywhere. The Pocket Promoter is a pet project of Barry Matherly, executive director of LEDA. It is his hope that the promoter will get into the hands of someone with an industry looking to relocate and will spark their interest in Lincoln County. At each LEDA board meeting, Matherly updates members on response to the promoters and passes out additional ones. He’s had more calls regarding the promoters than expected, Matherly said during Thursday’s meeting. One person has taken the promoter to a trade show in Atlanta. And recently an international business expressed interest and is expected to visit the county in a couple of weeks. Matherly has also made presentations on the promoters to local groups. The LEDA office has received calls from community members who want pocket promoters to carry around. Not bad for a marketing tool that cost less than a full-page ad and is expected to last two to three years. It’s encouraging, Matherly said. “It’s that exponential effect,” he said. “The more and more people who get them, the more and more are out there.”