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LEDA Launches New Web-Link as “Tools for Business Success”

The Lincoln Economic Development Association (LEDA) is taking a new step in assisting entrepreneurs and small business owners in growing their businesses. “Tools for Business Success” is a newly added link and an enhancement to the current LEDA web site. With the click of this one button, anyone interested in growing a small business can find a wide-ranging set of resources available to assist in the process.

The Tools for Business Success web site is comprehensive in nature and is updated frequently. Although used throughout the nation, it has been specifically customized for Lincoln County and North Carolina. It provides a link to the Small Business Center at Gaston College and access to the NC Small Business and Technical Development Center office as well. If you have questions specific to manufacturing or agriculture, a click of a button will take you there. It can even link you to the Gaston-Lincoln Public Library to check the availability of a book or to reserve a copy of one. The resources available through this one web-site are numerous.

With the goal of fostering the growth of small businesses to boost local economic growth, Kara Brown, Existing Business Manager for LEDA states, “we want to make Lincoln County a great place to grow a small business. We have added, ‘Tools for Business Success’ to our web-site as a free tool to help entrepreneurs and small business owners along the way.”

The special site can also help in starting a new business. There is an entrepreneurial assessment-test to see if you have what it takes to start your own business. A business start-up kit can be accessed. Sample business plans are available and small business certification information is provided. If you still have questions after visiting our site, we have a Frequently Asked Questions feature where you can ask questions and experts will find resources to help you.

“LEDA understands the importance of small business” states Barry Matherly, executive director of LEDA. “We hope this new web site will be the first step in developing an economic gardening program to better support local entrepreneurs.”

“With globalization and growing competition from neighbors, as well as from around the world, business owners need every tool available to grow their respective business,” states Brad Rivers, Director of the Small Business Center at Gaston College. “LEDA’s launch of the link will provide those extra tools. Utilizing these new tools will help our local businesses identify, plan for, and meet the ever-changing demands of today’s global economy. Each company’s growth will positively impact our economy here in Lincoln County.”

To use these tools, visit the Lincoln Economic Development Association web-site at www.lincolneda.org and click the red “B” for business button at the bottom of the page. Or, use the drop-down menu under “Business Benefits” and select small business assistance. You can also find it by going directly to http://lincolneda.toolsforbusiness.info.