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LEDA Lands Expanded Metal Company

Lincoln County –  Spantek, based in Hopkins, MN will be moving their Greensboro, NC manufacturing facility to Lincoln County. The expanded metal company will occupy the former RSI Home Products, Semi-Custom 60,000 square foot facility on Generals Boulevard.

Founded in 1963, Spantek is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of expanded metal and is a recognized leader in the expanded metal industry; designing and manufacturing custom-sized expanded metal coils and blanks for original equipment manufacturers.

Spantek decided to re-locate to Lincoln County after many months of visiting potential areas. Upgrades to the RSI facility have already begun and the plan is to be up and running by October 2009. By the end of December Spantek will employ up to fifteen people with plans to increase that number to twenty-five within a year and a half.

Rod Miller, Spantek President, “We are excited about the move to Lincolnton. It was determined that we should be in the Charlotte area – Lincolnton was the ideal place. Our initial association with civic and business leaders, LEDA staff and various people in the community reinforced this decision.

This move will allow future growth, better customer service and customer development through the entire east and southeast corridor. Our office and plant renovation is currently underway. The actual move will be phased in beginning in August and completed in October. This will allow for personnel, equipment and systems implementation with minimal customer service impact during the transition in these very difficult economic times.

For the past ten years our Greensboro facility, employees and community, have been a solid contribution to our success. We are appreciative of their support and wish the best for all involved.

All of us at Spantek look forward to our pending move and being a solid business contributor in the Lincolnton community.”

“I would like to congratulate and welcome Spantek to Lincoln County; we are pleased that they have chosen Lincoln County for their re-location destination. We extend our support and assistance in becoming a part of our community,” says, Pete Acker, chair of the Lincoln Economic Development Association.

Mayor, David Black, “We’re glad a strong corporate citizen has announced they are locating to Lincolnton and that they agree that Lincolnton is a great place to locate their industry. We welcome Spantek to Lincolnton and look forward to having their presence in our community.”

Alex Patton, chair of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners, “We are privileged to have a new company moving to Lincoln County. In a time where unemployment is extremely high, certainly all new jobs are valuable to our citizens. We welcome this company and look forward to a long and positive relationship with Spantek. As always we thank LEDA for their hard work in recruiting new industries to Lincoln County; this once again shows what most of us already know, Lincoln County is a great place to live and a great place to work.

It has been a pleasure working with Mr. Miller; Spantek will be a great addition to Lincolnton and Lincoln County and I look forward to seeing their involvement in our community. I would also like to thank Robert Hunter with RSI for his dedication to this project and support of LEDA,” Crystal Gettys, Lincoln Economic Development Association.

About LEDA

Lincoln Economic Development Association is a private, 501c(3) non-profit corporation charged with facilitating industrial, office and commercial development in Lincoln and Lincoln County. LEDA’s mission is to foster an economic environment that promotes an increased tax base and enhances the standard of living by creating better jobs for the citizens of Lincolnton and Lincoln County. The organization’s goals include expanding existing business and industry, developing and encouraging investment by new business and industry and fostering cooperation between business, government, schools and the community.