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LEDA Hosts Ninth Annual Milestone Achievement Awards

Lincolnton, NC – Lincoln Economic Development Association recently hosted its ninth annual Milestone Achievement Awards Luncheon recognizing manufacturers, distributors and the motor sports industry in the City of Lincolnton and Lincoln County for their past, present and future commitment to the County.

Tom Anderson, Lincoln Economic Development Association Board Chair hosted the event. Those present to assist in the recognition of the Milestone Achievement Recipients for this year and special guests were, County Manager, George Wood and City Manager, Jeff Emory.

Those industries present to receive their 2013 Milestone Achievement Awards: United Plate Glass, 5 years; Russo Tinting, 15 years; Duke Energy CT Station, 20 years; Central Carolina Sprinkler, 30 years; and special recognition was given to Lincoln Bonded Warehouse and for 91 years of operations.

In addition to the awards that were presented at the ceremony there were others who achieved this milestone as well. Airborn Coatings, Classic Muscle, 5 years; Special Event and Linen Co., Custom Works RC and TJ Motorsports,10 years; Kings Crankshaft and Northeast Chassis, 15 years; and Price Davis, 35 years.

Tom Anderson, Chair, Lincoln Economic Development Association commented, “Whether it’s five years recognition or fifty years, each company has a story to tell of their success. In these economic hard times, every year of operations means a milestone has been reached. It is an honor to be able to present this award to these committed and dedicated companies.”

George Wood, County Manager, emphasized the importance and contributions of the industries being recognized and all industries in Lincoln County. “Without you being here, we would not have a reason to celebrate today. Thank you for your commitment to Lincoln County.” Jeff Emory, City Manager of Lincolnton echoed the sentiments, “I always enjoy being able to see the companies which have operated successfully in our community. You deserve all of our appreciation.”

“It is a pleasure to see so many peers from the industrial community and business members here to extend their well wishes and support to the Milestone recipients. A lot of hard work has gone into the success of these industries. It is important to take the time to recognize their efforts and celebrate these achievements together.” Kara Brown, Existing Business Manager, Lincoln Economic Development Association.