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LEDA hosts first Lincoln Leaders Seminar

North Carolina is on track to be one of the country’s leading states when it comes to business.

That was the message delivered by guest speaker Lew Ebert, President and CEO of the NC Chamber of Commerce, at the Lincoln Economic Development Association’s first ever Lincoln Leaders Seminar.

The event is slated to be one of the series which could bring high profile speakers to Lincoln County twice a year, says Barry Matherly, executive director of LEDA.

“Our goal is to bring in either state or national speakers,” Matherly said.

As the first of the series’ speakers, Ebert addressed an audience made up of many business owners and community leaders and expressed a positive view of Lincoln County’s economic present and future.

“There’s a lot going on here, and I think you have a lot to feel good about,” he said.

Ebert says he has sensed an overall mood of excitement and optimism in his travels across the state. He says North Carolina is the fourth-fastest growing state in the nation and the fifth largest manufacturing state.

And in Ebert’s estimation, signs are pointing toward a bright future for our state.

“North Carolina, based on what I can see, is really on the right tract,” he said.

According to Ebert, several publications, including “Forbes” magazine, have placed North Carolina in the top two or three states in which to do business in the nation.

Ebert told the audience he remembered when is was the second poorest state in the land.

“We’ve come a long way in 50 years,” Ebert said.

In discussing how to build on that success, Ebert stressed the importance of avoiding complacency.

He also touched on the need for business leaders to play a part in steering the future of North Carolina.

“Not everyone in Raleigh is on the same page, and we need your help to change that,” Ebert said.

In Ebert’s estimation, the state’s education and workforce development, for which he had high praise, as well as useful economic developemnt strategies and a competitive business climate are the tools that will lead to a prosperous future for North Carolina.

Ebert assured those in attendance that the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce is working toward that goal.

“Your point of view matters, and our job is to be sure it gets heard,” he said.