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LEDA Goes to the NHRA Carolinas Cup

50 members of the Lincoln Economic Development Association and their guests traveled by bus from Doug Herbert Racing in Lincolnton to the NHRA inaugural Carolinas Cup Drag Races to support their hometown hero, Doug Herbert, on Friday, September 12.  LEDA hosted the event and Doug Herbert Racing provided the venue in their hospitality area at the track.  For many,

this was their first experience at a drag race and the contrasts with NASCAR events were many.  Every ticket holder also has the opportunity to access the pit area behind the stands where an almost carnival atmosphere prevails and you can get up close and personal with your favorite drivers and their crews as they tune and detail their vehicles in preparation for their next heat.While Doug had difficulties in his first heat in the early afternoon, his second heat, later that evening did not disappoint as he qualified easily for Saturday’s races.  Reaching speeds over 310 miles per hour in mere seconds, the drivers roared their way into qualifying positions.  As the hour grew later and the sun went down, the sight grew even more sensational as it became easier to see the flames extending on either side of the cars as they burned nitro in huge quantities.Doug was particularly appreciative of the supporting applause from the stands as the Lincoln County crew cheered him, his daughter, Jessie who accompanied him, and his car with the picture of his two sons, James and Jon, who died earlier this year in an automobile accident, and the words, “Forever in Our Hearts” emblazoned on the side.  The LEDA group later had the opportunity for a question/answer session with Doug as he described preparation for the heats and his experience as a drag racer.Overall, Doug Herbert finished 5th in this year’s race and gave his hometown fans a great show and a taste of the drag race circuit that will bring them back for more, whether it be at next year’s races or another race elsewhere on the circuit.