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LEDA Creates Industry of the Year Award

The Lincoln Economic Development Association wants to reward a Lincoln County industry. LEDA has created an Industry of the Year award, which will be presented to an industry that has the greatest positive impact on the community. The Industry of the Year will be well-rounded, successfully combining community involvement, business performance and a high standard of conduct. Laura Foor, LEDA existing business coordinator, said the award is a way of thanking an industry for its commitment to Lincoln County. “It highlights an industry that is doing its part to be a good community citizen,” Foor said. LEDA board members will vote by secret ballot to select the winner. If there is a tie, the executive committee will break it. Only a few LEDA members will know the outcome before the winner is announced at the annual Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce annual banquet on November 14. The Industry of the Year will be selected based on four criteria. The industry must have a positive impact on Lincoln County within the past year. The industry must be involved in the community through direct financial, time and/or other significant contributions. The industry must be a leader in its field and have produced a positive performance during the last fiscal year. High standards of conduct must be maintained regarding the community, government, other businesses and employees. An industry is eligible for this award as long as it is located in Lincoln County. Anyone who lives or works in Lincoln Count can nominate an industry. Nominations are being accepted now through October 1. The nominations must be postmarked by October1. Industries will be sent nomination applications, and anyone else wanting a form should contact Foor at 704-732-1511. “Existing industry is really important to the community,” Foor said. “It’s an important part of the local economy.”