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LEDA celebrates international business at Denver location

Locals got a chance to taste exotic foods without hopping on a plane and traveling overseas.

The Lincoln Economic Development Association (LEDA) hosted an International Appreciation Reception last Thursday at Vesuvius Vineyards. The reception wrapped up LEDA’s Industry Appreciation Month events.

LEDA’s private members were treated to beverages, desserts and appetizers from the 10 countries doing business in Lincoln County.

Nancy Pinkerton, owner of Nana’s Angels Custom Creations, enjoyed making the food from Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Japan Singapore and the United States. A few of the items on the menu were stuffed dates (Israel), camembert with cranberry sauce (Iceland), beef satay (China), Vienna schnitzel (Austria) yabbie salad (Australia) and apple pie (United States).

“All of the food is handmade, except for the cheese,” Pinkerton said. “I go and research all the foods and the countries to be as authentic as possible. It’s really important that everything is authentic as possible because, guess what? These people know.”

Among the 85 registered guests were Uconda Dunn, existing industry specialist with the N.C. Department of Commerce, and her husband, Mark. They enjoyed the roast beef, from the United States, and chicken empanadas, a specialty hailing from Brazil. Uconda Dunn, who works with Lincoln County businesses, enjoyed the variety of foods. In the past, the reception has only featured desserts.

“It’s very rare you get to have something from so many different countries,” Uconda Dunn said. “Having the appetizers here was a really good idea.”

Mark Dunn could not stay away from the beef satays. “This is my seventh one,” he said. “Whatever it is, it’s good and the sauce is outstanding.”

Panico Peres, vice president of Sabo, was impressed with the food representing his Brazilian company. Traditionally, brigadeiro is a chocolate ball covered with chocolate sprinkles, but Pinkerton used coconut flakes. Also, the empanadas are usually made with a thinner crust, but Pinkerton’s filling was in tune with Brazilian tradition.

The food was delicious, Peres said, and represented his country well. “It was very good,” he said. “I liked everything.”

Overall, Barry Matherly, executive director of LEDA, said the event was a success.

“Great attendance, great food and a great environment for international business dialogue,” he said.


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