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International Week an Important Celebration

For the first time in Lincoln County we are celebrating International Week in recognition of local industries from other countries. Thanks to Barry Matherly and the Lincoln Economic Development Association for coming up with this salute to these important players in our community. Three nations, Germany, Japan and Austria, are prominently represented here by industry. We have been writing about them this week. From Germany we have Bosch Tool Corporation, a toolmaker perhaps better known to many as Vermont American, and Hof Textiles, a maker of non-woven material for apparel and automotives. Bosch employs some 500 workers at its distribution plant and manufacturing division. Hof employs 50 at its Lincolnton plant. Japan is the base for one of our newest industries, Cataler North America, a maker of automotive catalytic converters, it has a local workforce of 78. Piano maker Kawai America Manufacturing is another highly recognized business here in Lincoln County with origins that go back to 1927 in Hamamatsu, Japan. The company employs 37 locally. Today you can read about Julius Blum of Austria, which provides some 400 jobs in the production of cabinetry hardware. These companies provide a total of more than 1,000 jobs in Lincoln County, but their contribution doesn’t stop there. They have become a part of the fabric of our community with their involvement in community events. You will find their presence in the same charitable campaigns and activities as American companies. As LEDA’s Laura Foor said in our Square Talk column Monday, these workers have no problem with the nationality of their employer. They go to work just like their neighbors who work for American companies. Their workplace is wholesome, and they are treated well. What is most important is that they are working for a stable company that provides benefits and allows them to provide and care for their families. We are pleased to celebrate International Business Appreciation Week and we are proud to have these companies in our community.