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International Defense Contractor Opens Manufacturing Facility in Lincoln County

FMS Enterprises Ltd. announced today it is operating a manufacturing facility in the Indian Creek Industrial Park. The company purchased the 63,870 square foot Kawai building and 22.72 acres in the park. FMS is expected to invest over $6,000,000 in the project and create over 50 jobs within two years in Lincoln County.

According to the company, “FMS has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of technologically advanced lightweight ballistic armor materials.” The company manufacturers personal, vehicular and aircraft armor protection materials and is a United States Department of Defense sub-contractor.

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners demonstrated their continued support of industry in Lincoln County by approving an incentive package for the company. FMS will receive approximately $57,800.00 in incentives, which will be paid out in equal installments over a five year period. Tom Anderson, chairman of the Board of Commissioners commented, “On behalf of the Board of Commissioners and citizens of Lincoln County, I am pleased to welcome this very unique firm to Lincoln County. We are pleased to have the opportunity to acquire a firm engaged in the defense industry which adds to our efforts to diversity our industrial activities. It is also gratifying to have a firm whose products will serve to give much needed protection to the men and women in uniform. We look forward to their contribution to our economy and wish them continued success here in Lincoln County.”

“LEDA continues to diversify the Lincoln economy by recruiting companies in new industrial sectors and in new countries around the world. FMS Enterprises along with previously announced Australian Manufacturing and Sabo are world class companies that meet our diversification goals,” according to Barry Matherly, LEDA’s executive director.

LEDA, along with the Charlotte Regional Partnership and the North Carolina Department of Commerce worked to bring FMS to Lincoln County. “It was a pleasure working with the professional team in Lincoln County and with the Charlotte Regional partnership. The nonwovens industry has been a target industry for North Carolina and we are pleased with the announcement by FMS to expand their business here,” commented Mike Smith with the NC Department of Commerce.

FMS Enterprises Ltd. is headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel.