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Industry Safety Awards Presented

The awards honor outstanding on-the-job safety achievements of each company during 2001. Recipients are based in Lincolnton, Denver, and Vale.

The Lincolnton event is co-sponsored by the N.C. Department of Labor and the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce.

Recipient of the Silver Award was Culp, Inc., Artee-Lincolnton Plant.

Gold Awards were given to Alpharma USPD, Inc., Carolina Mills, Inc. Plant 6, City of Lincolnton Fire Department, Cochrane Furniture Co., Inc. Division 60 for their first year.

Second Consecutive Year Gold Awards went to City of Lincolnton Administrative Offices, Concrete Supply Company Denver Plant, and Martin Marietta Aggregates Denver Quarry.

Third Consecutive Year Gold Awards were given to Mohican Mills, Inc. Raschel Knitting Plant.

Fourth Consecutive Year Gold Awards were presented to City of Lincolnton Utilities Department, Cochrane Furniture Company, Inc. Maintenance Division 55, Concrete Supply company Lincolnton Plant, and Steele Rubber Products, Inc.

Gold Awards for the Sixth Consecutive Year went to Duke Power Company Lincoln Combustion Turbine Station.

A Seventh Consecutive Year Gold Award was presented to Cochrane Furniture Company, Inc. Warehouse Division 50.

The Tenth Consecutive Year Gold Award was received by Cooksville Hosiery Mill, Inc.

For the Twelfth Consecutive year Cochrane Furniture Company, Inc. Product Development Division 57, and Mohican Mills, Inc. and Lace Tearing Division were awarded the Gold Award.

Recipients of the Gold Award for the Thirteenth Consecutive Year were Mohican Mills, Inc. Dyeing & Finishing Plant, and Mohican Mills, Inc. Tricot Knitting Plant.

Cochrane Furniture Co., Inc. Cochrane Chair Division 20 was awarded the Gold Award for the Fourteenth Consecutive year.

The last Gold Award was given to Vermont American Corporation Lincolnton Manufacturing Division for the Twentieth consecutive Year.