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Press Release-Industrial Incentive Grants to UNOX, Spantek, Blum, and Husky Rack & Wire

Lincolnton, NC, April 5, 2021 – John Dancoff, Existing Business Manager for Lincoln Economic Development Association, presented requests for four Lincoln County Industrial Incentive Grants to the county commissioners on Monday, April 5, 2021. The total investments were just under $32 million and will create at least 66 new jobs.

The first went to UNOX, a supplier of commercial cooking ovens for the commercial food industry. UNOX is located in the Airlie Industrial at 987 Airlie Parkway, Denver NC. UNOX will be investing $3.226,250 in building expansion and new equipment at their existing location. They plan to add 27 new jobs over the next two years. In return, Lincoln County will provide $12,404.92 per year for five years.

The second request is from Spantek Expanded Metal, Division of UMI Company, located at 352 North Generals Blvd. in Lincolnton. Spantek will be announcing an investment of $1.8 Million capital investment to install a new state-of-the-art Expanded Metal production line. This new line will be similar to a line installed in 2016 and will double Spantek’s capacity in servicing an important growth market. Spantek will add a minimum of 4 full-time career positions at their Lincolnton facility and expects additional support staff to be added as their market growth continues to expand. In return, Lincoln County will provide $6,154.73 per year for five years after the completion of the project.

Cabinet hardware manufacture Blum, Inc. announced a new set of investments for their US headquarters. Blum will be investing $23 million in infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology, and personnel over the next two years. The investments are a result of the company’s commitment to better serve customer needs. This investment will include the addition of at least 10 new jobs. Blum’s investments include various improvements in safety processes and protocols, adding further automation to the warehouse, IT equipment upgrades, further enhancements to production lines, and various machinery/equipment additions and upgrades. Blum will also invest in updating the layout and design of the administration building to provide more ergonomic solutions, as well as provide an overall healthier work environment.
“These investments in our facility and for our employees demonstrate our commitment to manufacturing in the US, as well as continuing to employ and support our local community,” said Shannon Lafferty, General Manager of Blum, Inc. In return, Lincoln County will provide $83,743 per year in grants for seven years after the project’s completion. On a side note, Blum was recently recognized as Lincoln County’s 2020 Industry of the Year.

The final request of the evening was presented for Husky Rack & Wire, also located in the Airlie Industrial Park in Denver NC. Husky Rack & Wire is a manufacturer of industrial pallet racks, wire security enclosures, and machine guarding. Husky Rack & Wire will be investing $3.8
million in the expansion of their existing facility. The expansion will provide at this site at least 25 new jobs. Lincoln County will provide $17,071 per year in grants for five years.

Mr. Joe Lampron, Board Chair for Lincoln Economic Development Association offered his congratulations. “These companies have been a great asset to Lincoln County. LEDA is grateful they have decided to continue their success in Lincoln County and looking forward to working with them as they continue to grow.”

Mr. Carrol Mitchem, chairman of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners added. “These four companies are all great partners with Lincoln County, and we look forward to supporting them as they continue to grow with our county.”