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Hof to expand again in Lincoln

A Lincolnton automotive supplier is growing for the third time in the last decade.

Hof Textiles Inc. is spending $3 million to boost production capacity and add new technology at its Indian Creek Industrial Park facility.

With the expenditure, Hof also will hire six new employees and perhaps more. That will boost the company’s local work force to more than 70 employees.

“The investment will continue to support our double-digit sales growth and create additional jobs for highly skilled operators and mantenance personnel,” says Lothar Hackler; president and chief executive.

In 2005, Hof spent $2.7 million to expand operations at the site, adding 15 jobs. In 1999, the company doubled the size of the plant with an $8 million expansion that enlarged the building to 161,000 square feet.

Hof makes nonwoven fabrics that are used to insulate engine compartments n many autos made in North America, the company says. The operations is owned by Textilegrupt Hof of Hof, Germany.