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HOF Textiles Approved for Equipment Expansion

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners approved at the November 1st Commissioners Meeting, to approve a tax incentive grant to HOF textiles, as offered through the Lincoln County Industrial Incentive Grant Program. The $2.3 Million dollar equipment expansion will provide HOF Textiles with new capabilities and production improvements.

HOF Textiles Inc. is a leading producer of nonwovens for the automotive industry in North America. Nonwovens produced by HOF Textiles in Lincolnton, NC are used by all automotive brands produced in North America including GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, BMW, Mercedes and many more. In addition to the Lincolnton facility, the German parent company “Textile Gruppe Hof” has three other plants located in Europe as well as a joint venture plant in India.

According to HOF Textiles CEO, Dr. Lothar Hackler, “This new $2.3 million investment is the fourth major investment in additional production capacity and capability within the last five years, supporting our ambitious goals of growth. With this expansion we will be able to supply a new generation of significantly improved nonwovens for the highly demanding automotive applications such as: engine compartment liners, under body shields and nonwovens in high temperature applications.

Production on the new equipment is scheduled to begin in June 2011. “This will further increase our competitiveness and strengthen our position as the leading supplier of functional nonwovens to the North American Automotive industry, by continuing to bring innovative nonwoven products benefiting our customers to the market.” says Dr. Hackler.

Tom Anderson, chair of the Lincoln Economic Development Association, “HOF Textiles is a leader in their industry, an innovator and a great success story. Lincoln County is fortunate to have HOF Textiles operating within our community and succeeding in these difficult economic times.”

“We are certainly excited that HOF Textiles continues to grow in Lincoln County. We are honored to have them here in Lincoln County and look forward to hearing more great things from this company. It is encouraging to hear jobs being added in light of our current economic situation.” Alex Patton, Chair Lincoln County Board of Commissioners.