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Heavy Equipment Manufacturer Moves to Lincoln County from South Dakota

LeeBoy, the world’s leading manufacturer of asphalt paving equipment, has announced it will be relocating its Rosco Manufacturing division from South Dakota to Denver, North Carolina. The Rosco division, which was purchased by LeeBoy in 2001, is a well-known manufacturer of road maintenance equipment and asphalt tank trucks. The bulk of the transition is expected to be complete within 120 days. According to company officials the investment has yet to be determined, but it may exceed one million dollars. Along with the move will come sixty new jobs to Lincoln County.

The LeeBoy story is a perfect example of the importance of establishing strong working relationships with existing industry. Lincoln Economic Development Association (LEDA) has worked very closely with LeeBoy through the existing industry program. When the company was in the initial stages of determining whether or not to relocate, they first turned to LEDA for assistance. LEDA then took the lead in bringing in the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS), Gaston College and the local Employment Security Commission (ESC) to aid in helping LeeBoy make the decision to relocate the Rosco division to Lincoln County. “Because of LEDA’s assistance and support, LeeBoy has decided to expand its Lincoln County site and not pursue other opportunities elsewhere for its continued growth,” stated Kelly Majeskie, LeeBoy.

Customized workforce development training, which will be funded through NCCCS and administered through Gaston College will greatly assist LeeBoy during their transition. “The NCCCS provides funds for training at no cost to companies that are either expanding or are new to the area,” said Joe Keith, director of corporate education, Gaston College. Maureen Little, Charlotte region customized training director for NCCCS went on to say, “Through the New and Expanding Industry Training Program, Gaston College will be working with company representatives to develop a customized training plan that will address the technical skills needed to transition operations to Denver. In NC, our community colleges are well equipped to provide workforce development training and are a vital player as our economy rebounds. Gaston College has provided training to many individuals in Lincoln County and does an outstanding job preparing employees for new skills needed in our global economy. I am definitely looking forward to working with LeeBoy.”

The local ESC will play an important role in LeeBoy’s recruiting efforts. The ESC will handle job advertisements, be the primary contact for resume collection and conduct employee screening. “The ESC is pleased to have an employer of this magnitude coming to Lincoln County and creating diversity in our local job market. We will make available all our services to both the employer and the community for filling these positions,” stated Sharon Riggan, manager of the local ESC.

LeeBoy reaped the benefits of a pro-industry environment in Lincoln County, which places a strong emphasis on existing industry. “LEDA’s top priority is our existing industry. This is a success story demonstrating how cultivating existing industry will lead to new industry,” stated Laura Foor, existing business coordinator for LEDA.

Lincoln County prides itself on existing industry. “Lincoln County has a great environment for manufacturers. From the local government to LEDA to other agencies and organizations, everyone works collaboratively to make Lincoln attractive to industry. I am personally very excited about the new jobs that will come. This is a wonderful opportunity,” stated Jerry Cochrane, Chairman of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners.

For more information on LeeBoy visit their website at www.LeeBoy.com. For additional information contact Jerry Cochrane at 704-732-3848, Laura Foor at 704-748-1503, Joe Keith at 704-922-6448, Maureen Little at 704-289-8588, Kelly Majeskie at 704-966-3316 and Sharon Riggan at 704-735-8035.