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Growth, Customer Needs Prompt Move East

The 10,000 square-foot building is a large showroom, with richly colored sofas and chairs sprinkled around. In the back is the manufacturing area, where the snap and pop of the staple gun can be heard echoing off the walls. “It’s like starting over,” said Terry Peeler, who founded the company with his wife, Carol, in 1981. Peeler said he usually doesn’t advertise, but might have to start soon. “Nobody knows where we are yet,” Peeler said. Peeler said the new location makes more sense in regards to their customers. About 90 percent of Furniture Construction Company’s business comes from places outside Lincolnton, such as Charlotte, Huntersville and Lake Norman. People also drive from as far away as Virginia, West Virginia and Florida. Peeler said he also takes his furniture to home and antique shows. “We have to go where the people are,” he said. Peeler prides himself on the quality of the product he sells. Each piece has a lifetime warranty. “They last forever,” he said. “This is our 21st year of business, so the warranty means something.” What makes the company unique is that everything is built on site. “We’re not a furniture store,” Peeler said. “We build our own things, we have our own style.” Eventually he wants to make the entire building a showroom, and move the manufacturing part somewhere to a larger facility. Furniture Construction Company’s grand opening is June 8.