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German Company Celebrates Its Grand Opening

Hydac Technology Corporation is now open in the Airlie Business Park

Lincoln County, NC – Hydac, a German owned manufacturer of hydraulic filters, accumulators, valves and cooling systems publicly celebrated the completion of their newly constructed 54,000 square foot facility on June 5, 2013. An official ribbon cutting ceremony, hosted by Lincoln Economic Development Association and attended by the business community, marked the end of plans that were initially announced in December of 2010 by the State of North Carolina and then Governor, Bev Purdue. To add to the excitement of Hydac’s plans was the confidence they exhibited in coming to Lincoln County and committing to be the first landowner in Airlie Business Park located in eastern Lincoln County.

Hydac Technology Corporation, a subsidiary of German based HYDAC INTERNATIONAL, initially located its headquarters to Bethlehem, PA in 1975. A move south occurred in 2007, when Hydac opened its sales office locally in Huntersville, NC. With the 2010 announced future plans to build a manufacturing facility in the Airlie Business Park, Hydac solidified their commitment to the region and their intentions for the future.

Dedicated to the manufacturing of Hydac’ cooling systems; the Lincoln County facility joins the worldwide presence of HYDAC INTERNATIONAL and participates in the company philosophy to be accessible to its customers. With 7,000 employees, 50 overseas subsidiaries and 1,000 plus Sales and Service Partners worldwide, Hydac’s strategy is to be in close contact with their customers.

Tom Anderson, Chairman of Lincoln Economic Development Association states, “We congratulate Hydac on the completion of their new facility in Airlie Business Park and welcome them to Lincoln County’s existing business community. We appreciate their decision to locate in Lincoln County and the significant contribution it represents to Lincoln County’s economy. We wish them continued success and look forward to their future growth here in Lincoln County.”

Lincoln County offered their congratulations, “On behalf of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners, we want to welcome the newest member of our industrial community, Hydac Technology Corporation to our new Airlie Business Park and Lincoln County. We congratulate you on the construction of this beautiful, functional facility. It has been our pleasure to work with you on your plant location in Lincoln County, and we wish you continued business success,” said George Wood, County Manager.

“Our team looks forward over the coming months and years to building a strong, sustainable business for both HYDAC and Lincoln County. We are very confident our vision will become a reality and look forward to the challenges that will come along the way,” said Tom Thielen, Vice President and Division Manager for HYDAC Cooling Systems.

Cliff Brumfield, LEDA Executive Director, “Hydac’s new facility, the first occupant at Airlie Business Park, is a tremendous win for our community! This endeavor represents another great example of how private industry, Lincoln County, and LEDA’s team can work together to achieve results. We are very thankful for their investment in Lincoln County and look forward to a very successful future. “

Celebrating 50 years in operation this year, HYDAC INTERNATIONAL has grown to become one of the leaders in the Fluid Power Industry. The completion of the Lincoln County facility is a significant occasion to mark a half century of success.

About LEDA

Lincoln Economic Development Association is a private, 501c(3) non-profit corporation charged with facilitating industrial and office development in Lincolnton and Lincoln County. LEDA’s mission is to foster an economic environment that promotes an enhancement of the standard of living by creating more and better jobs for the citizens of Lincolnton and Lincoln County and an increased and diversified tax base to provide needed community services. The organization’s goals include retention and expansion of existing business; attraction of diversified base industries, improvement of the overall business climate within Lincolnton and Lincoln County and growing stage 2 entrepreneurial companies.