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German Automotive Supplier to Expand in Lincoln County

While most North Carolina textile companies have experienced major decline, Hof Textiles Inc. in Lincolnton continues to thrive. Hof announced a $2,700,000 expansion at its Indian Creek Industrial Park facility.

Hof’s expansion will come in the form of machinery and equipment. The company will add a Nonwoven production line to its current operations. According to Hof’s President, Gunther Hoffmann, the “new expansion will allow us to produce materials that we currently import from Europe from our parent company.” The chemically bonded

Nonwoven material will be used as components for hood and dash insulators in the engine compartment of vehicles.

Lincoln County Board of Commissioners continued their support to existing industry by approving an incentive grant request by the company. The incentive grant will exceed $38,000 and will be paid out in equal installments over a five-year period. County commissioner chair Tom Anderson commented “The Board of Commissioners is grateful that Hof Textiles has chosen to continue their growth in Lincoln County. Hof’s industry is extremely competitive and we applaud their success and decision to expand their manufacturing operations in Lincoln County. While our economic development efforts continue to seek new and diverse industry in Lincoln County to strengthen and expand job opportunities for our citizens, support of our existing industrial employers is of the highest importance to that effort. We are fortunate to have such companies as Hof Textiles in Lincoln County, we thank them for their contribution to our economy and look forward to their continued success.”

Gunther Hoffmann continues to express his satisfaction with being in Lincoln County. “We enjoy being in Lincolnton, North Carolina and view the location as very beneficial to service our customers in Detroit, Michigan and the “Detroits of the South” and elsewhere in the United States,” stated Hoffmann in his comments to the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners.

Hof Textiles Inc. is a subsidiary of the eswegee Vliesstoff GmbH, a Division of the Textilgruppe Hof, Germany. Worldwide the company employs over 1,600 with total sales volume of $450,000,000. The local facility employs over fifty individuals and most recently completed an 80,000 square foot warehouse facility expansion in 2000.