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GE Security goes into operation

Lincoln County is now home to its first electronic company. GE Security, the largest suppllier of security products opened for business October 15 at the Lincoln County Industrial Park.

After the recent close of the GE facility in Catawba County, 200 workers at that location transferred to the Lincoln County plant.

As time progresses, more job opportunities at the plant will be made available for Lincoln County residents.

GE Security was able to begin operation in a short period of time. We had private individuals construct the building without a client in mind. LEDA then goes out and markets the loction to companies. It usually takes one to two months to complete move in.

GE Scurity is a branch of the General Electric Company. Producing security equipemtn in more than 35 counties, GE Security has an annual revenue of $1.8 billion. The company invested $10.5 million into its location in Lincoln County.

Products made at the plant include surveillance cameras and system badge readers, fire systems, and door management products.

GE Security is in the beginning stages of transferring work from a plant in Canada. Items that will eventually be made at the new facility include mass-communication paging and consoles for academic and hospital campuses.

The GE Security team is very excited to be in Lincoln County and have received terrific support and a very warm welcome from their new neighbors.