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Firm Shows it Knows how to Support People

Barry Matherly, executive director of the Lincoln Economic Development Association, is proud of how well his staff works to support the county’s industry. A visit to the LEDA offices, 127 E. Congress Street in Lincolnton, can reveal some of the things made in Lincoln County. Two display showcases include pharmaceuticals from Alpharma, packaged wheel bearings for The Timken Company, a piano key from Kawai America Manufacturing Inc. and Gatorade from National Fruit Products. But some things are too big to fit inside a glass case. Haworth Inc., maker of office chairs, brought three to the LEDA staff – one for Matherly, one for Laura Foor, existing business coordinator; one for Rhonda Hunter, office manager. Of course, the boss got the biggest chair, but each has nifty features, including adjustable armrests. Quipped Matherly: “We’re taking care of industry, and industry is taking care of us.”