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Electronics Manufacturer to Call Lincoln County Home

CX Systems announced it will build a permanent facility in Lincoln County. Currently the company rents a facility in Catawba County and saw a need for a permanent location.

CX Systems manufacturers industrial control panels. Specifically, the company manufacturers computerized controls that are used in industrial machinery and in the waste water industry. Not only does the company manufacture the control panels, but it also assembles and installs the panels throughout the United Sates.

According to Randy Frye, President of CX Systems, the company has purchased a five acre site in the Clarks Creek Industrial Park in Lincolnton. The 12,000 square foot facility is schedule to be complete by October of this year.

The company’s move to Lincoln will be a two phase process. The first phase involves the construction of the warehouse facility. The company will then begin using this facility for their warehouse and distribution operations. The second phase is scheduled to take place in mid 2005 when the company will move its manufacturing operations to the Clarks Creek facility. At this time a new building will be constructed. This move will bring approximately six new jobs to Lincoln County.

Frye stated that Lincoln County proved to be a very attractive location for his business. “Lincoln County is a strong, cooperative community. Barry Matherly, executive director of the Lincoln Economic Development Association, made the transition a very smooth and simple process.” Darrell Gettys, chair of Lincoln Economic Development Association stated “I am very excited about the opportunity for CX Systems to move to Lincoln County. This is another great example of the county’s commitment to industry and its pro-business environment.”

For more information on CX Systems, visit the company’s website at www.cxsystemsinc.com.